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They Are Only Dreams

They Are Only Dreams

Written and Produced by David Sauer
Mixed and Mastered by David Sauer

David Sauer – Vocals
Jason Gray – Lead Guitar
Tony Mancini – Guitar
Tina Stephenitch – Bass
Kyle Traska – Drums

I am trapped by this building
This house is on fire, I can hear my dog screaming
Next to me is my high school bully
Into his car, to the liquor store
I say no thanks, but he gives me more
More CPR than is worth fighting for
On the way back to the house
His face melts and he screams
Given the current situation
I did the best that I could
Well, I guess that foes can be better people
Like frenemies

Wait, there is a light
But I’m too big for it
It is shrinking in size
I see your Dad, he just laughs
I see your Mom and she wants my autograph
I trip with an awkward smile
Only my nose makes it through
Given this current situation

It’s time to smell the roses
And drink to celebration
While the rest of me
Craps out and decomposes
Fades away

Greener grass and bluer skies
Sifted through your conscious lies
Well it’s not to say that I’m not a better person
But it would be nice to still want what I have
Not just what I want

Remember they are only dreams
Never quite as it seems to the untrained eye
I come around and face reality
When it appears to me I throw it up on trial

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