1. Fast Food


Destroy the balloons in this sterile room
These colors are just begging me
To feel something now

Pressing all the buttons to do barrel rolls
To simulate ejection
I’ll go out loud

A different me - Can’t I just fake it?
A different me - All this for a heart
Well I got a decent brain

Hold my hand for the decision
Hold my hand - let’s incision
And pray there are no complications now, now go.

Cramming fast food for thought at an open heart surgery
You’ll learn a lot and I hope you get to see my face

I’ll go out cold and scared - bitter and confused
Regretful of regretting all damaged, unamused

Hold my hand for the surgery
Hold my hand and count to three
And pray there are no complications

I wouldn’t be the same with the knife in me
I wouldn’t be insane with a knife in me
And I don’t need no complications

And if I die let’s do this right
Jump up on the casket and party all night and
Fast Food