From the recording Beardlip

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And the surveillance says
I really lost my mind somewhere out on the dance floor
And I don't want it back
My hands were up in the air
A clear sign that I just don't care

I don't want to find peace of mind
when I'm on my feet and ready to grind
Everything and everyone

For a while my profile fit those in exile
I didn't think I had a place to belong
But when I want to fit right in, with a shuffle and a grin,
I'll be a maniac causing your heart attack
Come along with me I see it in your eyes
You're ready to go
You're ready to try

It doesn't matter what you want
It doesn't matter who you know
I bring no regrets to tomorrow
I lead and you'll follow
I'll be waiting for you
Out on the dance floor

I’ll be, I’ll be waiting