One High Five is the indie punk rock explosion from Long Beach, CA fueled by singer/songwriter David Sauer’s love of ear candy, loud noises and fun. They have self-released their first album, “Here, Hear,” a handful of singles and have been featured on various compilation discs, films and commercial spots. One High Five has performed for crowds in living rooms, record shops, large venues and music festivals including CMJ and Broke LA. One High Five will be releasing their second album, “Beardlip,” this summer.

One High Five is

David Sauer (guitar/vocals), Mike Adams (guitar), Ann Louise Thaiss (keyboards/vocals),  Jonathan Eastly (bass) & Kyle Traska (drums)

Here, Hear (2015) 

1. The Ol Switcheroo  2. Game Show 3. How We Enjoyed Ourselves 4. Fully Operational 5. Crash the Party 6. Everybody Pull the Trigger 7. Tear Down the Wall 8. 1,000 Miles Per Hour

Produced by Jim Roach & David Sauer
Mixed by Thom Flowers
Mastered by Pete Lyman @ Infrasonic

“Through a perfect organ riff, horn fill, or hand clap break down, classic rock and punk fervor become seamless” – OC Weekly, Heard Mentality 

“Layered guitars, well-honed orchestration and appealing harmonies are at the core of their spell-bounding sound” – Indie Rock Cafe

“One High Five just rock their asses off and have fun. This is what rock and roll is about bros…” – SYFFAL


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