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One High Five, from Long Beach, CA, is an alternative punk rock band fueled by songwriter David Sauer’s love of ear candy, loud noises and fun. One High Five self released their first album, Here, Hear! to excellent reviews including “…classic rock and punk fervor become seamless” (OC Weekly) and “layered guitars and well-honed orchestration are at the core of their spell-bounding sound” (Indie Rock Cafe). The lead single, “Everybody Pull the Trigger” was featured on 106.7 KROQ’s Local’s Only where they were invited by KROQ to perform their debut show at the Viper Room. “How We Enjoyed Ourselves” was used over the end credits in the horror movie, “The Lost Lake.”

One High Five has also released a few singles including, “They Are Only Dreams”, a stylized ode to crazy dreams and influential punk & metal bands, like NOFX, and “When They Try to Harm You,” a orchestral indie rock piece about the past catching up to you. Sauer covered “Super Duper Pony Party” (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) written by Weird Al Yankovic, for a charity dedicated to the Animal Welfare Institute. While maintaining regular One High Five shows, Sauer further experimented with different styles and live arrangements, including solo acoustic shows, backing tracks and inviting his friends onstage to be security guards.

One High Five’s sophomore album, Beardlip, featuring the lead single “Fast Food,” will be released this fall. 

Festivals Highlights: Broke LA, a LA based DIY music/art festival, Sunstock Solar Festival, International Pop Overthrow festival, and the College Music Journal festival

Venue Highlights: Arlene’s Grocery (NYC), Viper Room (LA), Alex’s Bar (Long Beach), Brainwash (SF) and The Wanch (Hong Kong)

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