David Sauer: vocals, guitar
Daniel Chavez: bass, vocals
Ann Louise Thaiss: keyboards, synths
Kai Kaner: drums, percussion

Alternative Punk Rock from Long Beach, CA. 
Making the sound of awesome since 2011. 
For Fans Of: Ok Go, Pup, NOFX, Elvis Costello, CAKE, and Green Day 


Reactions to life-changing events create unique experiences. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, One High Five’s singer/songwriter David Sauer turned inward to study philosophy and himself to navigate the surrounding chaos. Sauer explores his psyche with "Nerd Wax," their latest single inspired by Nietzsche’s theory, "he who has a why to live can bear almost any how." The results are front-row seats to a journey of discovering strength and learning what is important to your life.  

Nerd Wax sinks ambitious clenched teeth lyrical curiosity into pulsating hot lava indie-rock. Grinding fuzz bass and bombastic drums propel the listener through playful twists on tempo, energy, and mood. “Nerd Wax as a phrase represents being jumbled up in your mind,” David reveals. “The music reflects both the slog and freedom that come from the process of personal discovery.”


We rarely consider the emotions of the remaining members. Do they mourn these losses like romantic break-ups? Do they yearn for the departed member the way they would long for a lost friend of a family member?  

“Initially, I didn’t want to mention past band members, but I realize that it is part of my story,” David shares. “I think a lot of people can relate to wanting to be free of the approval of others, and the self-doubt that prohibits them from making a positive move forward in their lives.”  

By listening to the imaginatively-arranged, arty, hood-laden music inherent in this collection, you feel like the indie-punk party will rage on, even if David is the last man standing.  

Beardlip’s posits an intriguing duality of playful, almost unflinchingly, upbeat indie rock juxtaposed with heartfelt, honest, and literate lyrics. The album spans raved-up, neo-1960s garage rock, replete with organs and exuberant lead guitar (“Noisemaker”); raucously catchy, indie rock with unexpected dynamic twists and turns (“Fast Food”); and personal reflection tucked away in quirky neo-new wave pop rock ( “Bones Of My Ancestors”). Among other terrains, the 12-song album also traverses stun-gun indie-funk, and artfully-warped rockabilly. Beardlip was mixed by Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers, Hanni El Kathib), and mastered by Carl Saff (Sub Pop, Matador Records).