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Statues will be broken with great authority
Understating the lack of care for antiquity
On a bus people came with brand new tongues

And polished hand grenades
Even now I look for weapons to borrow
Timeless antics can’t wait for tomorrow
A bowie knife, paper and pens
To record actions from all there who agree

They know what’s wrong and just might make it right
A concentration of sun exploding out there eyes
Burning hope will be motto
And the name of first battle sight

I didn't come here to crash the party
I came here to crash myself
I didn't believe and now my hearts on my sleeve
Everything will be well

I never said that I had the best plan
I’ll follow you now I am just a hopeful man
I agree it’s time for a change, a new hope,
And a new face to maim

Where is the line so I can polish my new hand grenade?